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Book your Apartment now at Neon Wood Berlin Frankfurter Tor or Neon Wood Berlin Mitte-Wedding for the Summer Semester 2021 and benefit from discounts for your entire rental period. The discounted rent will be displayed by booking.

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Summer Semester 2021 – Promotion (Berlin)

 – Your extra for the Summer –


A. In the form of a promotional discount, the owner of the properties GSA Frankfurter Tor S.a.r.l. and GSA Mauerpark S.a.r.l. promotes the rental of the Neon Wood Berlin Frankfurter Tor and Neon Wood Berlin Mitte-Wedding for the summer semester 2021 (hereinafter the Summer Semester Promotion).


B.   The Summer Semester Promotion is limited in time and applies to all leases entered into on or after 05/01/2021 and latest contract end date 09/30/2021.


C.  The Tenant shall receive a rent reduction in the amount of 20% on the warm rent for the period specified in item B.


D. There is no right to the cash payment in the amount of the discount.