Creativity and mental health

Hallo Neonwooders,

This summer break, starting July, will launch a 'Creativity & Mental Health' Coaching Program FOR FREE as I am working through to be ICF (International Coaching Federation) and ILS (Inner Life Skills) certified.

5 individuals/ Artists, 1 weekly session (1 to 1.5 hours) for a total of 4 weeks. First come first serve basis.

For me, once creativity is isolated from mental health, one would most probably find themselves in an unhealthy and unfavorable place and making changes seem drastic from that point on out.

This is the page for the program:

For a Short Bio about myself:

And finally, the Overview & Philosphy of the Practice 'Tripute':

Phone#: 004915206711784
Instagram Page: Tripute
Facebook Page: Tripute

Looking forward to working with you and interested in seeing long lasting connections & friendships.

Possible meeting setups:

- Meeting (Outside open space)
- Meeting (Private space)
- Video Conference (Skype, Google Due, etc)

Ayham Kader

Neon Wood