Meet the Neon Wood Team


Assistant to Director of Sales & Marketing – Headquarter

I’m Nicole and I’m part of the marketing team and our social media appointee. You will get regularly news about our promotions, Neon Wood competitions, new Neon Wood openings and  event tips from me via newsletter, Facebook or Instagram. Additionaly, I’m hosting our TikTok account with sometimes more and sometimes less sincere videos. Follow us on our social media channels, I’m always happy to get in touch with you and get feedback on our posts.

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Assistant House Manager – Neon Wood Berlin Mitte-Wedding


Hi, I’m Marcel.

I am part of the small team that takes care of the operational affairs in Mitte-Wedding.

Apart from reservation related questions, we are the best contact for you.

Just talk to me if you have something on your mind or a funny story that needs to be told.

Most of the time you can find me on the ground floor in that giant office with sofas and air hockey table 🙂


Reservations – Neon Wood Berlin Frankfurter Tor

Hey, I’m Klaudija, Your Reservation Agent for our Neon Wood Berlin Frankfurter Tor.
I am always available to go through our booking process with you and find the perfect apartment for you. At the end, after we have find out the one and only apartment for you and your successful booking, you will receive your lease agreement directly from me.
I will also be happy to answer your questions about renting, lease extensions or about general questions. I am always available for you.
When I am on site in our residence, you can also contact me directly and ask me your questions in a nice chat. I look forward to see you soon =)

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