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With DriveNow Carsharing, you simply rent a car when and where you need it. Drive all around your city to wherever you need to get to, and then simply park the car anywhere you want within our DriveNow Zone.

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Bliss Yoga Berlin

Classical Hatha Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that aims to balance body and mind by practicing asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.
In addition to a deep relaxation of our fascia structures, the Yin Yoga practice also promotes our self-perception. With systematic exercises, we stimulate certain meridians in our Yin Yoga practice.

Weekly in your Neon Wood – for free!


GermanStudios is a language school in Berlin that specializes in professional German lessons. We offer German courses both in our academy and at external locations. Since we attach great importance to high quality teaching and individual support, we have small group sizes so that a high learning effect can be guaranteed. The majority of our clients come to us from abroad to study in Germany, to exchange experiences or to work here in the near future. We accompany them on their way to reach their goal and support them also outside the classroom. We organize regular events, “Meet & Greets”, excursions to museums or other exciting activities for our students.

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goodies – eat peace

Health is the most important thing in life! So we have made goodies with the intentionto change the way we eat. Getting rid of  lazy tyring fast food, on to healthy organic food, which gives you a lot of energy.With goodies you get good food that helps improving the world and environment and also tastes delicious! Our concept is full of vegan vegetarian highlights – mostly sugar-free, gluten-free and full of vital substances, to make it easy for you to be fit and full of power to manage your life even better.

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Lion Burger Berlin

The LION BURGER promise – We offer you freshly prepared burgers 7 days a week, approx. 360 days a year. Our buns come daily fresh from our bakery in Kreuzberg, the patties of German beef come directly from the butcher and the vegetables directly from the wholesale market. The quality of the burgers, as well as the other products, is our top priority!

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dBs Music Berlin

dBs Berlin is an international creative production institute consisting of two schools – dBs Music and dBs Film. We have partnerships with universities and colleges in the UK who validate and award our qualifications. Our ethos is crucial to what makes us different. It impacts everything we do. But until you have experienced it every day it’s hard to understand the effect that will have on your learning. For now here at least is a small sense of the things we care about.