Corporate Partners


Goodies – is a place (deli) inviting you to find and enjoy healthy, vegan or vegetarian drinks & food. We focus on special smoothies, fresh juice, direct trade coffee or teas. Offering a range of Acai, Superfood Breakfast or Lunch bowls. Serving delicious Sourdough Sandwiches and sugarfree, raw treats, snacks & cakes – natural food for an uplifting happy life.

dBs Music Berlin

dBs Berlin is an international creative production institute consisting of two schools – dBs Music and dBs Film. We have partnerships with universities and colleges in the UK who validate and award our qualifications. Our ethos is crucial to what makes us different. It impacts everything we do. But until you have experienced it every day it’s hard to understand the effect that will have on your learning. For now here at least is a small sense of the things we care about.

Bliss Yoga Berlin

Classical Hatha Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that aims to balance body and mind by practicing asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.
In addition to a deep relaxation of our fascia structures, the Yin Yoga practice also promotes our self-perception. With systematic exercises, we stimulate certain meridians in our Yin Yoga practice.

All yoga classes are individually tailored to the needs of the participants.