Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers.

  • Our booking process is an absolute breeze and can be completely carried out online.  You just need your private information, a copy of your ID/Passport and your enrollment. Just click here to get started.

  • You are signing for a binding contract with fixed durations (mostly for 6 or 12 months), which can not be cancelled. But of course we understand, each request of any changes in the contract is individual and thus we are checking each request also very individually. There are some major reasons which allows you cancel or terminate your lease.

    This could be:

    • You’re not receiving a VISA to stay in Germany
    • You are an Erasmus student, your program has been cancelled and your study will take place at home again
    • Death in your family (first-degree)
    • You’re not a student anymore (so you can terminate/shorten your contract to the end of the actual semester)
    • You can’t arrive due to closed borders (due to special events like war, pandemic, etc.)
    • The government of your home country gave the instruction to travel home (due to special events like war, pandemic, etc.)

    Of course we all hope, this will never happen. =)

  • Living at Neon wood, you aren’t going to be far from anywhere. Besides being centrally located, we’re also superbly connected by tram, underground or bus to every major stop in the city.

  • Your upfront payment includes…

    – A deposit of one or two month’s rent, depending on the length of your stay. (1 months rent for up to 6 months length of stay, otherwise 2 months rent)
    – Handling fee of one-time 200,- EUR

  • Yes, the “Rundfunkbeitrag” (German „TV tax“) does charge 17,50 € per month irrespective of where you live. But if you are given BAFöG from the German government, you may be able to get out of paying this.

  • Yes, you definitely can. At the very least, it needs to be your secondary residence.

  • Subletting is not permitted.

  • We’re designed to accommodate students. If you’d like to rent with us and you’re not a student, you should at least be in education. Otherwise we highly suggest checking out Tannhaus – our partner brand for young professionals, digital nomads and freelancers.

  • The all-inclusive rent pays for your fully furnished apartment and covers the utilities such as water, heating and electricity. Further included in your rent, access to high speed internet (1 Gigabit) and the use of all public areas. 1 Rent = all inclusive… More information you may find in your lease under §3… The rent per floor may vary.

  • You can book an apartment for either six months or twelve months.

  • It does not, but you can always renew your lease without a hassle and we will inform you early enough to do so.

  • You will need…

    – A copy of your ID
    – Parent/legal guardian approval if under the age of 18 and their ID
    – A certificate of enrolment at your university

  • The only way to reserve your apartment is to book it with us online.

  • Click here to get started.

  • You can put pictures, posters, or whatever else you like on your walls – just as long as you don’t use anything that leaves residue.

  • We have an intercom in each apartment, an electronic locking system and video security for our buildings. We also have a house manager and a team of concierge staff that is there to help you every day until late.

  • Yes. There are places to lock up your bike in the courtyard as well as in our basement.

  • In our Neon Wood Berlin Mitte-Wedding and Frankfurt Riedberg we do offer car parking spaces. Our spot at Frankfurter Tor unfortunately does not have any carports.

  • You can count on each apartment having great lamps and custom furniture such as a bed, a desk with vintage chairs, a dining table, a wardrobe, a kitchen with stove, fridge and a microwave. The kitchen in our Neon Silver and Neon Gold categories are all fully equipped such as dishes and also include a dish washer.

  • You can sign up to use our onsite IP-TV or watch using your laptop or tablet.