Neon Wood – find your 1 room apartment in Frankfurt

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Booking a 1 room apartment in Frankfurt at Neon Wood means living in a huge community

A 1 room apartment in Frankfurt can be quite challenging to find, especially as a student and if you are new to the city. We have the solution for that. We offer 1 room apartments in Frankfurt – but there is more to that. Renting a 1 room apartment in our Neon Wood student housing gives you the opportunity to live in a lively surrounding full of interesting international people. With only hosting students, our student housing offers the perfect location for people who have recently moved to the city and want to make friends. Neon Wood means living in a community. Each having its own student apartment, you can either stay in your room and calm down or join the others in one of our community areas, where you can spend your free time in different ways. We also often organise events, like parties or get togethers, to keep the community alive.

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1 room apartments in Frankfurt at Neon Wood

But let’s not forget the main aspect you are searching for: a 1 room apartment in Frankfurt. At Neon Wood, we offer fully furnished and stylishly designed student apartments for one or two people and in different sizes. Instead of worrying about buying all the furniture, you can relax knowing it is all there. We even have student apartments with their own balcony or terrace. Everything comes with complete transparency, because with Neon Wood you pay an all-inclusive rent. In addition to your 1 room apartment in Frankfurt, you’ll have access to all community areas in the student housing, such as lobby, laundrette, gaming areas, study corner, silent room, gaming room and depending on the property community kitchen, multi-media room and gym. Renting at Neon Wood is truly the perfect start into your new life as a student.

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How to book your 1 room apartment in Frankfurt with Neon Wood

Lastly maybe the best thing about your 1 room apartment in Frankfurt – the booking process. To live at Neon Wood, you don’t need a credit report, proof of income or a guarantee. You can simply book your desired student apartment online with our online booking system which you can find in our Neon Wood app or on our website. During the booking process you will see which student apartments are available in the student housing and you can simply choose the one you like. All documentary needed for the booking process is your immatriculation certificate, your passport or identity card and the consent of your parents, if you are not yet of age. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You’ll reach us via telephone or simply online by email. We will be happy to help you find the right student apartment at Neon Wood and answer any questions you may have.