Covid-19 / Corona FAQ


Please note that due to legal regulations, some requirements change continuously. We try to keep them always up-to-date.

Corona/Covid-19 - stay healthy

Precaution is the best cure.

In order to fight against the corona virus together,
it needs some important rules.

We are getting many questions about how to deal

with the situation, what about cancellation possibilities and what is still allowed.

Therefore, we have put together the most important

questions for you here.

For questions or needs, please feel free to contact us!

Together we can do it!

  • The Covid-19 virus poses a major challenge for everyone and your safety is at our concern.  We are checking each request individually, as we understand the individuality of each cancellation request . Of course you can cancel your contract due to important reasons.

    Those could be:

    • If you can’t arrive due to closed borders or no available flights
    • You are an Erasmus student, your program has been cancelled and your study will take place at home again
    • The government of your home country gave the instruction to travel home
    • You’re not receiving a VISA to stay in Germany (in general, not only due to Covid-19)
  • We suggest not to invite any external persons to Neon Wood until further notice in order to minimize the risk of infection

  • You can move in/out according to your contract and preference. Get in touch with the Onsite team, they will inform you about the necessary steps

  • Avoid the common areas or gatherings with several residents. Keep a 1,5 Meter distance to other tenants, air your apartment regularly. Dispose your garbage regularly and do not leave it in the hallways/staircases. Wash your hands regularly.

  • The laundry, courtyards are still or again accessible. The lobby is open with very limited access within the opening hours, which are daily from 9am to 10pm. If more than one person is present, keep a safe distance. The gym is unfortunately closed at the moment due to regulations of the German government.

  • Inform the on-site team about it and ask in the community who can support you with a purchase. The assistance will be surely provided

  • Yes, of course you can move into your apartment on desired date. After completing the Booking Process you will need to contact the Onsite Team under the provided mail address, they will give you all further information.

  • Subject to availability, in any case we will try to find a temporary solution. Please contact our Reservations team at:

  • The Onsite Team can be reached daily from 9 am – 7 pm, at the lobby.

    In alternative you can send a Mail or call them daily between 9 am – 10 pm

    Frankfurter Tor: +49 30 555 707 120 /

    Mitte-Wedding: +49 30 555 707 122 /

  • Neon Wood actively tries to reduce the risk of infection in its Buildings, we have increased all hygiene measures regarding daily cleaning and disinfection of the frequently used areas, we changed as well all internal processes in order to minimize the risk of infections. Disinfection of all community areas takes place 3 times a day.

  • Please provide your name and your apartment number during the ordering process, so that the delivery company can ring your doorbell to deliver your parcel. If you are not at home, your parcel will be delivered to the nearest parcel service shop, below a list a link in order to track your package :








    If there are any further problems with your shipment, please contact the parcel delivery company/ sender directly

  • Germany:

    • Your family doctor
    • Medical on-call service: +49 116117
    • Federal Ministry of Health (Citizen’s telephone): +49 30 346 456100

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