Easy online booking system for your first student apartment at Neon Wood

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Book your first student apartment – the easy online booking system at Neon Wood

Easy booking of your first student apartment with our online booking system! If you ever looked for a student apartment in a major city, you will know that booking can be difficult. Especially when you are younger or if it’s your first apartment. Even if you get an apartment, paperwork awaits you. At Neon Wood you get to avoid that stress. We offer fully furnished student apartments in Berlin and Frankfurt booked through our easy online booking system. Living at our Neon Wood student housings offer accessible apartments centrally located in Germanys most popular cities. Our student housings are close to the city centre or the university campus. They are also surrounded by bars, cafés and parks and close to public transport. While having your own apartment, you will also have access to multiple spacious community areas, and you will live in a community full of international people.

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The individual steps of our online booking system

You can book your Neon Wood student apartment any time through our online booking system, which you can find on our website or in our Neon Wood app. As said before, you don’t need any paperwork, such as a credit report, a proof of income or a guarantee. Instead, we just need your student immatriculation, your passport or identity card and, if you are under 18 years old, the consent of your parents. You can see all apartments available at our website. We offer multiple different sizes and types of apartments, some even with their own balcony or terrace. If you are not sure which apartment to choose, you can always book a 360° online apartment tour. This will give you a better idea of the apartment and help you decide which one to book. If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you out!

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What you’ll get at Neon Wood

When you book a student apartment through our online booking system, you get access not only to an apartment, but to everything Neon Wood World has to offer. Paying an all-inclusive rent, you will have access to all community areas in our Neon Wood student housing, such as a big laundrette, a community lobby, learning areas, a silent room, gaming areas and depending on the location also a big community kitchen and a gym. We also organise on-going events, like community yoga or parties, where you can always meet new people. On top of that, we work with multiple different cooperation partners. After getting your private membership as a tenant of Neon Wood, you will get great discounts and save money outside of Neon Wood. If you are interested, feel free to visit our website and check out our online booking system!