Shared Flat Berlin – Living in the Neon Wood Community

Berlin Frankfurter Tor Double Deluxe

In the middle of the capital – shared flat Berlin

Neon Wood is more than a normal shared flat in Berlin. We offer a big apartment complex with single and shared flats in the heart of Berlin for students, full of interesting and international people, a living community and lots of opportunities to spend your free time. You can find us at the hippest, most central spots in Friedrichshain and Mitte-Wedding. Our location at Friedrichshain is right next to the famous Frankfurter Tor an in between multiple cafés, parks and nightclubs. In Berlin Mitte-Wedding, you can find our most central location, right in the city centre and next to Mauerpark, where you can see a part of the Berliner Mauer. Our third student housing is located in Berlin Adlershof, very close to the famous Humboldt university and public transport. This makes it easy to get to the centre of Berlin.

Berlin Frankfurter Tor DoubleDeluxe

Shared flat Berlin – fully equipped and furnished

All our Neon Wood locations offer single and shared flats in Berlin, fully furnished with a kitchen, a bathroom and a lot of storage space in a modern urban design. With our Neon Silver and Neon Gold categories, we also equip the apartments with all the necessary utilities, like bed sheets, pillows and blankets, or even a TV. Our apartments come in different sizes and with extras like an own balcony oder terrace.

Berlin Wedding NeonGold Balcony

Living and community life in the Neon Wood student housing

While you can spend some quiet time in your single or shared flats in Berlin, our Neon Wood student housing offers you tons of different opportunities to spend time with other members of the community in different community spaces. A big community space to talk and chill is our community lobby with the community manager. As well as spending time with others, you can find out about community events, Berlin news and what is happening in the capital. On a regular basis, Neon Wood also throws big community parties and events, where you can meet new people. Next to the community lobby, there are also big community learning spaces and outdoor spaces. In the gaming room, you can meet friends for a session of pool or table tennis and the multimedia gaming room is equipped with the newest gaming stations and games. The Neon Wood student housing also has a laundry room and depending on the location a gym and a community kitchen.

Easy booking of your shared flat Berlin with Neon Wood

To book your shared flat Berlin, you don’t need any Schufa, no special declaration from guarantor’s and no salary statement. Instead, the booking process can be easily concluded in our Neon Wood app or on our website. You only need to uploud your student immatriculation, your passport or identity card and, if you are not 18 yet, a signing of your parents. Other then that, the booking process is easy, and you can choose between our different apartments the one, that you like. We not only offer great single and shared apartments in Berlin, but also the perfect start to your student life.