Spacious community areas at the Neon Wood student housings

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Fully furnished apartments and spacious community areas in the Neon Wood student housing

Spacious community areas await you alongside our fully furnished student apartments at Neon Wood. We are a centrally located student housing in Berlin and Frankfurt. Our student housings offer not only accessible living in areas in the city centre and near university campus but also living in a lively and active community. Everything comes with an easy online booking process and an all-inclusive rent to make your start into your student life as easy as possible.

Living community in our spacious community areas

While you will get your own fully furnished student apartment in our Neon Wood student housings, the spacious community areas are something that makes us unique in comparison to other student housings. Entering the Neon Wood student housing you will find yourself in our spacious community lobby. It offers a wide range of different ways to spend time with your friends and neighbours. From console gaming to pool, ping pong and air hockey nothing is missing. Here you can also find the community manager, which supports you concerning all questions possible. While offering multiple gaming opportunities in the lobby, there are also different open spaces, like our calm and relaxing outdoor areas. In these spacious courtyards, you can enjoy the sunny weather.

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Study areas, laundrette and gym – spacious community areas in our student housings

Other practical spacious community areas are our study areas. If you don’t want to be alone while studying, these are for you. Learning together can not only be helpful to concentrate but an opportunity to share work results and to work together. There is also an extra silent study room, where you can learn together in silence. In our big laundrette you can find washers and dryers, where you can wait for the washing machines together. Depending on the location, we also offer other spacious community areas, such as a gaming room with game consoles and games. A gym, with a cardio area and an area for weight training. Some places even have a spacious community kitchen, where you can cook together.

A community full of interesting people – living at Neon Wood

Living at Neon Wood means that each day you’ll get to decide, if you want to stay in your own student apartment or if you want to use one of the multiple opportunities to spend your free time or even your work time. Our Neon Wood student housing gives you all the possibilities needed. We live in a community. To keep this community alive, we organise on-going events, like parties or sport events, where everybody can come together and meet new people. Living in Neon Wood means never being bored. If you have any questions or would like to book a student apartment, check out the Neon Wood app, our website or contact us directly. We will be happy to help you out!