Neon Wood Student Flats Berlin

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Looking for a student flat in Berlin? Find us at Neon Wood!

Looking for an affordable student flat in Berlin? You’ll find it at Neon Wood. The Neon Wood student housings in Berlin offer you modern and fully furnished student apartments in the middle of the city. In the popular districts of Berlin Mitte-Wedding and Berlin Friedrichshain you will find our large buildings full of student apartments. On top of that, we just opened a third Berlin Neon Wood student housing in Adlershof. All our locations are only a few minutes foot walk away from public transport and different university campus. Also, every location is surrounded by cafes, bars, restaurants, sights or parks. Living at Neon Wood really gives you the opportunity to live in the best areas in town. More than the location, however, it is the interior that sets us apart.

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The different student flats in Berlin at Neon Wood

Every single one of our student flats is fully furnished in a modern urban design with kitchen, bathroom and plenty of storage space. There are single and double apartments in different sizes. Some student apartments even have a balcony or a terrace. At Neon Wood, you have the choice between a variety of student apartments in different sizes and furnishings. From the small but nice single and double apartment to the spacious penthouse apartment with its own balcony and best view – you can simply choose what suits you best. Every student apartment comes with all the necessary furniture and free high speed wifi. In addition, with our Neon Silver and Neon Gold categories, there is also the possibility to get extra supplies, such as dishes, beddings or even a TV.

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Safety in our student flats Berlin

Something, that is especially important to us, if you are deciding to rent a student flat in Berlin, is safety. To ensure safety in our student housings, we have taken some security measures. All of our hallways and community areas are monitored by cameras. We also completely dispense with cash and keys. Instead, we provide you with a key card you can use to access the student housing and your student apartment, and to make dorm-internal payments. We also always have security on call, so you always have someone to turn to, if you have questions or concerns.

The lively community in our Neon Wood student housing

And now the maybe most important part when living at you own Neon Wood student flat in Berlin: the fun. Because living at Neon Wood also means living in a colourful and international community. To keep the community active and alive, we offer multiple community areas, such as the community lobby or the gaming rooms. Here you can spend your free time with your neighbours and maybe even make some new friends. But there is more, such as study areas, a large launderette and, depending on the location, a gym or community kitchen. Access to all rooms is available on an all-inclusive rental basis. We also host regular community events, such as parties and sport events. This is also where the community comes together, so you can always meet new people.