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Riedberg Patio Deluxe

Welcome to our Neon Wood student housing

Neon Wood offers fully furnished student apartments in a student housing full of community areas and interesting and international people. We provide a safe space in the middle of Germanys biggest, most popular cities. You can find us in Berlin Friedrichshain, Mitte Wedding and Adlershof as well as in Frankfurt Riedberg. Our student housings are surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants as well as good connected to public transport. Neon Wood means really living in the city and so much more.

Frankfurt Penthouse Balcony

Fully furnished student apartments in our student housing

All our Neon Wood student housings offer single and double apartments, which are fully furnished and equipped with everything you need. You can also book extra equipment, if you need, with our Neon Gold and Neon Silver categories. There you will get extra bedding or pillows or even a TV. All apartments have a bathroom, a kitchen and plenty of storage space, some even have a balcony or a terrace. Since the apartments vary in sizes, you can simply choose the one you like and the one that fits your budget.

Berlin Frankfurter Tor NeonGold

The community areas in our student housing

In your all-inclusive rent, you will not only get access to your student apartment, but to all our community areas. Here we offer multiple options to spend your free or working time and to get to know your neighbours. In our large launderette you will find washing machines and a couple of sofas where you can sit, chat and wait for your washing to be done. We also provide study areas, where you can work together or just concentrate in a silent environment. In the gaming areas you can play together, in our spacious community lobby you can sit and talk. There you will also find the community manager, which answers all your questions and gives you all the information that you need, regarding upcoming community events or events in the city. Depending on the location, our student housings also have a community kitchen and a gym where you can do sports together.

Safety and an easy booking process at our Neon Wood student housing

To ensure the safety of all our students, we have taken a number of measures in our student housings. For example, cameras in all corridors and public areas. We also have a 100% cashless payment system, so you pay for everything with your key card, which is also the only way to get into your apartment. There is also a security service on call at all times.

For more information or to book your apartment in our Neon Wood student housings, please visit our Neon Wood app or website. Our booking process is especially easy. You only need your student immatriculation, your passport or identity card and, if you are under 18 years old, the consent of your parents. If you have more questions, you can always call us or write an email.