Safe and fun student living at Neon Wood

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Why Neon Wood is the address concerning easy student living

Neon Wood student living means living in big community full of interesting and international people. We make the start of student life easy and offer fully furnished student apartments in our student housings in Berlin and Frankfurt. Our Neon Wood student living is safe, varied and especially easy, since we offer you an easy digital booking process with an all-inclusive rent. Sounds good? Let us tell you more.

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Fully furnished apartments at our Neon Wood student living

Living at Neon Wood gives you access to your own student apartment or a double apartment for two. All our Neon Wood student apartments are fully furnished with bed, kitchen, bathroom and lots of storage space. In our Neon Silver and Gold categories your student apartment can also be equipped with extras like dishes, pillows, blankets and even a TV. The student apartments vary in sizes and therefore in prices, so you can simply choose the one you’d like to live in. There is something for everybody – from a simple single room apartment to bigger apartments with an own balcony or a terrace.

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Multiple community areas in our student living

Student living at Neon Wood means being neighbours with your friends and student colleagues. We lay a big focus on community live, therefore we offer multiple community rooms, which can be used to study, eat, do household stuff or simply to sit together and talk about everything. In our laundrette, you can do the laundry and spend the waiting time together. In our study areas, you will have company to work or study with. In gaming areas, you’ll find everything you need for a good game night. In our spacious community lobby, you can meet your friends and neighbours for coffee and talks. There you will also find the community manager, who can tell you all about upcoming community events and what is going on in the city. Depending on the location, we also have a gym and a community kitchen. All these community areas are accessible through your all-inclusvie rent.

Safe student living at Neon Wood

Another big part of our student living is the aspect of safety. Since we are located in the most popular districts of Frankfurt and Berlin, we want to make sure Neon Wood is a safe space for everyone. Therefore, we have a cashfree payment system at our student housing. Everything is paid via your key card, which is also the only way to get in our student housing and in your student apartment. We also have cameras on all hallways and public areas. During the time our onsite team is not available, we have a security service on call for your safety. In the community lobby, you will find the community manager throughout the day, who can help you with everything.

Student living at Neon Wood is fun and easy living in a safe community full of interesting people. On our website, you can get more information. If you have any questions, we are here to help you!