Study in Frankfurt – live at Neon Wood

Riedberg Penthouse Balcony Double

Neon Wood is your address for your studies in Frankfurt

To study in Frankfurt means to experience the beating rhythms of the dynamic heart of Germany! We invite you to Frankfurt, the city of innovation, to live with us in our Neon Wood student housing with over 300 modern student apartments as well as multiple community spaces and a community, that is international and fun. Explore with us a city where tradition meets modernity, and opportunities abound. Frankfurt is where your academic journey meets endless possibilities and Neon Wood is the place to start! Find us in Frankfurt’s most popular district Riedberg, where we are located only 3 walking minutes away from the Goethe University campus and near public transport. Still unsure? Maybe a few more information about our student housing will help.

Frankfurt Classic

Study in Frankfurt and live at your own Neon Wood student apartment

At Neon Wood, you have the option to select from a diverse range of 7 apartment types. Whether you prefer single or double apartments or perhaps desire the luxury of a penthouse apartment with its private terrace to the skyline of Frankfurt, you’ll discover a student apartment that suits your comfort and needs. Each of our student apartments has free Wi-Fi and is fully furnished for your convenience with a kitchen, a bathroom and plenty of storage space.

Riedberg Patio Deluxe

How to start your study in Frankfurt – book your apartment at Neon Wood

One of the most convenient aspects of our student housing in Frankfurt is the digital booking process. Unlike many other options, we don’t require Schufa reports, proof of income, or a guarantor. Instead, our booking process is entirely online through the Neon Wood app or our website. It’s a hassle-free experience where you can effortlessly select the student apartment of your choice and secure it without the burden of collecting extensive paperwork. You only need your student immatriculation, your passport or identity card and a signature from your parents, if you happen to be under 18. Should you have any inquiries or wish to communicate with us, our phone lines and online channels are always open. Embarking on your new student life and moving into a new apartment doesn’t have to be complicated. With Neon Wood’s flats in Frankfurt, we simplify the process for you.

Make your studies in Frankfurt fun with Neon Wood

While our student apartments in Frankfurt effortlessly stand out, there’s more to enjoy beyond the apartments themselves. With your booking, you gain access to a multitude of communal spaces within our student housing. This includes a gym, a convenient laundrette, a spacious community kitchen, engaging gaming areas, a welcoming community lobby, a dedicated gaming room, and a versatile multimedia room. Neon Wood isn’t merely a large building; it’s the ultimate all-inclusive student housing experience, making it the perfect start for your new life as a student in Frankfurt.

 Embracing the vibrant community at Neon Wood

Last but certainly not least, we celebrate the vibrant Neon Wood community. Naturally, you’ll secure a beautifully furnished student apartment in one of Frankfurt’s prime student locations and access to a wealth of communal spaces. However, the most significant aspect is the sense of community you’ll be part of. Living at Neon Wood means living among friends. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with numerous young, interesting, and international individuals. In our community areas, you can dine, study, and engage in meaningful conversations. We also regularly host parties and events to ensure your social life is as vibrant as your living space. When you choose to reside at Neon Wood, you’ll find that absolutely nothing is lacking in your student experience.